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If you find yourself in a boating accident and need legal help, you need a team of Miami boating accident attorney who can handle your case and represent you the right way.
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of Boating Accidents in Miami

Causes of
Boating Accidents in Miami

By: jasonneufeld
Posted in: Boat Accident Lawyer

If you live in South Florida, you have most likely been on a boat at some point in your life. It is hard to be so close to the ocean and never experience what it’s like taking the boat out for a day, or joining someone else on their vessel. Even if you can’t swim it’s at least fun to sit on board and relax. But every year, there are a lot of boating accidents that occur on the waters of South Florida. There could be a number of reasons for a boating accident. Listed are a few common reason for boating accidents in Miami, and the possible reasons you should call a boating accident attorney if you find yourself in a such a situation.

Lack of Attention by the Operator – Like driving a car, if you are behind the wheel of a boat, you want to remain alert and vigilant. You constantly have to monitor not just your boat, but weather conditions, the area you’re sailing in, and other boaters. It is always good to have a second set of eyes when sailing, just to make sure you don’t miss any potential hazards.

Inexperienced Operators – A huge cause of accidents on the sea is the inexperience of the operator. Because you are on the water, some people get the idea that steering a boat is easier than driving a car. There is a lot of preparation that goes into sailing a boat. It’s not just getting on the water and randomly steering. There are rules just like driving on the street. Make sure you do your homework before getting behind the wheel on the water.

Speeding – This is a big one. Just like on the street, the water has “safe speeds” at which to sail. If you are driving recklessly and get caught, you could be given a ticket. The punishment could be worse if you hit another boat, or a swimmer. A boating accident attorney would be your best bet to defend you if this happens.

Drinking While Sailing – Consuming alcohol or partaking in drugs could grossly impair your judgment while steering a boat. In some states, the legal limit for blood alcohol level is the same for boaters as it is for automobile drivers. You basically want to take the same precautions on the water as you do on the street. Being in a boat doesn’t negate that responsibility.

Other causes of accidents on the water could be attributed to faulty equipment or equipment failure, not adhering to navigational rules, dangerous water conditions, poor weather and force of a large wave or wake.

If you find yourself in a boating accident and need legal help, you need a team of Miami boating accident attorneys who can handle your case with conviction and represent you the right way. Leaving your case to anyone else could mean uncertainty. Go with a team that has experience and will represent to the fullest.