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North Miami Beach
Head On Collision Attorney

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North Miami Beach
Head On Collision Attorney

North Miami Beach is one of the gems of Miami-Dade County. This town, incorporated in 1931, is home to more than 43,000 people who bask in the Florida sun throughout the year. Then, you have thousands of tourists who descend on the town every summer for fun on the water, time at the beach, shopping, dining and other fun with the family and friends. With a town as populated as North Miami Beach it’s only fair to expect that accidents will be common. The most tragic and devastating of accidents is that of the head on collision. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a head on collision, it’s imperative that you speak with a North Miami Beach head on collision attorney about your case.

Injuries Caused by
Head On Collisions

The head on collision is one of the most devastating accidents you can find yourself in as a driver or as a passenger. When two vehicles collide head on it is usually for very dramatic reasons, such as a medical emergency, drunk driving, an equipment malfunction, a chase or speeding that caused the vehicle to careem out of control.

The injuries caused by head on collisions are usually severe, unless the crash occurred at very slow rates of speed. Most victims will suffer extreme physical trauma to multiple parts of the body. This can include trauma to the head, broken bones, internal bruising of organs, deep lacerations, burns and more.

As mentioned earlier, victims of head on collisions can suffer injuries to their brain. This is known as traumatic brain injuries, or TBI. TBI can leave a person paralyzed, permanently disabled, and even cause the victim to suffer emotional disorders. Debris could puncture the skull or the skull could be cracked if the head hits the windshield.

North Miami Beach Head
On Collision Attorney

Being injured in a head on collision can change your life and not for the better. You might suffer a lasting disability or could even become paralyzed. It might force you to miss work the rest of your life or lead to a learning disability. It all depends on the severity of the injuries suffered. At Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, P.A. our team has more than nine decades of experience representing victims of car accidents and various other personal injury cases.
Our North Miami Beach head on collision attorneys will work their hardest to get you fair and full compensation for your injuries. Our team will work on reconstructing the accident scene using evidence, police reports, witness statements and photos provided by anyone involved. Our team will also speak with medical professionals to review your test results and surgeries, if any were necessary.

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