As many of you know, I try to read medical-journal abstracts to keep up with the latest in personal-injury related medical issues – such as cutting edge orthopedic / neurologic treatments or findings – that I think will be relevant to my clients.

However, I will occasionally come across articles that I simply find fascinating or think will be useful to everyone (personal-injury lawyer related or not).

Risks Associated with Eating Sushi

Since so many of my friends love their sushi, I thought this would provide some…food for thought (pun intended).

The Journal of Risk Research published a study in November, 2013 that indicates those who regularly eat sushi are at significantly higher risk of developing neurological deficits and cardiovascular disease. This is, of course, associated with high mercury exposure. In addition, high-mercury exposure all but eviscerates the positive effects of omega-3 (which reduces risk of some cancers, blood pressure, stroke, premature delivery, and cholesterol levels).

Tuna sashimi contains the largest amounts of methyl-mercury, based on samples taken across the United States. It is the larger tuna varieties, such as bigeye or atlantic Bluefin that are the biggest mercury-related offenders.

Sushi made with salmon, crab, kelp and eel had decreased levels of measured mercury.

For some research that is a bit more personal-injury lawyer related:

A Review of Spinal-Cord Injury Stem-Cell Research

Stem cells can, in theory, be used to regenerate damaged areas that were previously believed to be permanently damaged. This can result in improved motor abilities (ability to move) and sensory abilities (ability to feel). However, the studies have mostly been conducted on rodents.

The PLOS Biology Journal published a metastudy of existing animal stem-cell research available to determine that stem-cell therapy can have a statistically positive impact on animals with spinal-cord injuries. The metastudy showed approximately 25% improvement in both motor and sensory abilities; however females showed very little by way of sensory improvement and administering drugs to suppress immunological response were insignificant. All-in-all, stem-cell research shows promise, but more animal studies are needed.

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