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Andrew Jackson

In the category of insurance coverage designed to protect you (rather than just 3rd parties), the state of Florida is one of 10 states that requires something called Personal Injury Protection (or no fault) auto insurance. The idea is that drivers injured in an accident would have a way to receive quicker compensation than if they had to go through the court system.  These benefits are only eligible for those who are need of immediate medical treatment (within 14 days of the accident).

Here’s an approximate breakdown of what PIP covers:

  • Covers about 80% necessary and reasonable medical expenses
    • medical bills
    • hospital costs
    • funeral expenses
  • $5,000 worth of death benefits
  • Covers 60% of lost wages
  • Covers other accident-related expenses

–    eg. Mileage reimbursement to and from your doctor

Regardless of who’s at fault, here’s the breakdown of who PIP covers:

  • Covers you, the driver
  • Covers the passengers in your insured vehicle
  • Covers anyone struck by your vehicle

How much? Personal Injury Protection insurance covers up to, but not to exceed $10,000 (the required amount). If a person has a non-emergency medical condition, they would receive less than $2500. An emergency medical condition would warrant further compensation.

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