We understand people’s frustration with red-light cameras. No one likes receiving that envelope with a ticket in the mail. But traffic cameras have been shown to result in people driving more carefully, which means fewer people running lights and fewer car accidents on the road. However, the cameras wont deter everyone and car crashes will inevitably occur at these intersections. As a north miami beach car accident lawyer, I want as much evidence as possible when there is any chance liability is unclear – especially in an intersection t-bone collision where there can be conflicting stories as to who had the red light. To that end, if camera footage is available, we want it. It is important to remember that these cameras are maintained by American Traffic Solutions. They keep their red light camera footage for North Miami Beach car accidents for only 30 days. If you contact ATS, they will require a release signed by the North Miami Beach Police Department and a video request form (i.e. location code, cross streets, direction camera is facing, date, and time. These forms are available on our car accident injury page. You will also need to pay $87.50 for the first 15 minutes and $29.00 for each additional 15 minute increment. Police reports do not always accurately report the time of the accident so its important to let your car accident attorney know precisely when the accident happened to make sure the lawyer requests the correct footage.

Location of Red Light Traffic Cameras in North Miami Beach
Location Code Camera Direction Intersection

NB01 Westbound NMB Blvd / NE 167th St @ NE 10th Ave

NB02 Eastbound NE 163rd St / N Miami Beach Blvd @ NE 18th Ave

NB04 Southbound Biscayne Blvd/US 1 @ NE 163rd St

NB07 Southbound NE 6th Ave @ N Miami Beach Blvd / NE 167th St

NB08 Northbound Biscayne Blvd @ NE 172nd St