The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that roughly one million Americans sustain some level of personal injuries in slip and fall / premises liability accidents. While slapstick Hollywood and cartoons have been known to depict such accidents as involving the proverbial banana peel on the floor, slip, trip and fall cases can arise in a wide variety of ways.

Miami personal injury lawyers know that slip and fall injuries can be severe. In fact the CDC says that as many as 17,000 people die each year from a slip and fall accident.

Recently, a worker in the Midwest filed a premises liability lawsuit against a communications company. The man was at a facility to deliver a load of cables for the communications business. While in the building, the delivery man says that he needed to use the restroom and asked a person who worked in the warehouse for directions to a restroom.

The warehouse worker reportedly gave directions to the delivery man, and the guest followed the exact route toward the restroom. While en route, the delivery man found himself on the floor. He had fallen. Immediately, he says, he began to feel a burning sensation in his limbs. He thought that he could feel his skin burning, and thought he had fallen into some form of solvent on the warehouse floor.

He says that he suffered pain, disfigurement, huge medical bills and more as a result of that slip and fall accident. As it turns out, the warehouse was stripping its floors. The delivery man says in his lawsuit that the person who had given directions to the restroom apologized after the accident and said that he forgot that the floor was being stripped.

The injured delivery man has filed the personal injury lawsuit claiming that not only was he given directions through the solvent, but that the warehouse and its workers were negligent in failing to post warning signs near the wet floor. He says the company was negligent in failing to warn of the slippery conditions, and the business failed to properly supervise the construction workers who were stripping the floor.

The injured man says the accident has reduced his ability to earn a wage, has cost him with extensive medical bills, caused him pain and has required him to undergo extensive medical procedures. He seeks to recover in court for what he has lost.

Source: The Madison Record, Slip on solvent leads to lawsuit, by Kelly Holleran, May 17, 2012.

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