Personal Injury Medical Procedures: Nerve Block

nerve block personal injury lawyer

What is a Nerve Block? When a spinal facet joint (in your neck or lower back) is injured in a car accident, trip and fall or other personal injury, if conservative physical therapy does not work, a nerve block injection procedure may be recommended by your treating doctor. A nerve block should be … [Read more...]

Does the Graves Amendment Supersede Car Financial Responsibility Laws?

When a rental car (e.g. from Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, etc..) is involved in a car accident, and the driver is without their own insurance and does not purchase the optional auto insurance from the car-rental agency, does the Graves Amendment supersede Florida's automobile financial responsibility … [Read more...]

NMB Car Accident Attorney: Impact of New Hit-and-Run Ruling

hit and run injury attorney

Under a recent Florida Supreme Court ruling, it may become difficult to hold a driver accountable for a hit-and-run accident. According to the ruling, drivers cannot be prosecuted for leaving an accident without proof that they knew they were actually involved in the car accident. The Supreme … [Read more...]